Work It: Sharara Suit Styles That Transition Seamlessly from Desk to Event

Work It: Sharara Suit Styles That Transition Seamlessly from Desk to Event

2024-05-13 14:56

In the ever-changing world of women's fashion, the line between office and party dress is getting increasingly blurred. Finding an outfit that seamlessly transitions from a day at work to an evening function is a game changer for today's professional woman. The sharara suit, with its elegant flow and versatile design, provides an ideal alternative. This traditional ensemble has evolved to suit both professional and festive occasions with ease

Sharara Suits at Work: Elegance Meets Professionalism

The modern workplace often calls for a balance between professionalism and personal style. A sharara suit, especially in fabrics like cotton or light silk, can be styled to fit right into professional settings. Opt for sets that feature minimal embroidery and softer colors—think pastels, creams, and greys. A well-fitted kurta paired with a less flared sharara pants offers comfort without sacrificing style and keeps the look understated yet chic.

For those who need to adhere to a more formal office dress code, incorporating subtle elements can make all the difference. A plain kurta with a lightly embroidered dupatta or a simple printed sharara can add a touch of personality to your office wear without overwhelming it. This keeps your outfit suitable for professional interactions while also preparing you for any unplanned post-work events.

Transitioning to Evening Wear

As day turns to evening, your office attire can transform into a stunning party wear with just a few tweaks. The versatility of the sharara suit lies in its ability to upscale with simple adjustments.Swap up your usual office bag for a sleek clutch, and add a statement piece of jewellery like a huge ring or chandelier earrings to get ready for the event.

If your kurta and sharara set is plain, consider carrying a sparkly scarf or an ornate shawl to drape over your shoulders for an evening appearance. Changing your footwear from formal flats or conservative heels to something more adventurous, such as stilettos, can have a significant impact on your image.

Choosing the Right Fabric and Design

Fabric choice plays a crucial role in how a sharara fits into different parts of your day. Cotton sharara sets are ideal for regular office days, offering comfort and breathability. For evening events, fabrics like georgette, chiffon, or silk add a touch of sophistication and flow elegantly, making them perfect for weddings or parties.

In terms of design, while traditional suits are known for their heavy embellishments and vibrant colors, choosing modern cuts and lighter embellishments can make the attire suitable for both office and social settings. Designs that incorporate contemporary elements like peplum tops, jacket style kurtas, or asymmetric hems also add a modern twist to the traditional sharara and can serve to bridge the gap between day and night wear effectively.

Sharara Suits for Every Woman

Whether you prefer the boldness of a Punjabi sharara suit or the subtlety of a basic kurta paired with flared pants, there's a sharara style out there for every woman. For weddings and formal events, a more elaborate sharara with beautiful embroidery and brilliant colors may be ideal. For everyday wear, simpler designs with less flare and quieter hues will serve you well throughout the day.

Conclusion: Your Wardrobe's Versatile Best Friend

The sharara suit demonstrates how traditional clothes can be tailored to current needs, giving a seamless blend of design, comfort, and versatility. With the perfect outfit, you may go about your day with confidence, knowing you're dressed adequately for every situation. The sharara suit's versatility makes it a good wardrobe purchase for any woman trying to maintain a balance between professional propriety, personal style, and social readiness. Embrace this versatile suit and watch as it becomes a wardrobe staple, transporting you elegantly from your workstation to your next big event.


1 ) Can sharara suits be worn as regular office wear?

  • Yes, sharara suits can be styled to fit into professional environments. Opt for Salwat’s Sharara set in neutral colors or soft pastels, with minimal embroidery and flare, to maintain a professional look. Fabrics like cotton or light silk are ideal for comfort and appropriateness in office settings.

2 ) What types of fabrics are suitable for sharara suits intended for office wear?

  • Cotton, light silk, and other breathable fabrics are suitable for office wear as they offer comfort and a subdued look. Avoid overly shiny or heavy materials which are better suited for festive occasions.

3 ) What should I consider when selecting a sharara suit for a wedding or formal event directly after work?

  • Choose a sharara suit with slightly richer fabrics and moderate embellishments that won't look out of place in the office but will also stand out at a wedding or formal event. You may also consider bringing additional accessories to work, such as more elaborate jewelry or a festive dupatta, to transition the look.

4 ) What are some accessory tips for enhancing a sharara set for an evening event?

  • Enhance your evening look with elegant accessories such as statement necklaces, bold earrings, high-heeled shoes, and a sophisticated clutch. These additions can transform your daytime outfit into a glamorous evening ensemble effortlessly.

5 ) How do I maintain sharara suits to keep them looking their best?

  • Always follow the care instructions on the label. Most sharara suits should be dry cleaned, especially those with embroidery or delicate fabrics. For cotton sharara sets, gentle hand washing might be acceptable. Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and appearance of your garments.
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